MS Lending Group appoints Rob Goodall as Managing Director

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Rob Goodall MS Lending Group

Rob Goodall has been appointed as managing director of MS Lending Group to help the ‘vibrant’ one-year old firm double its volumes in 2022.

Goodall, a Chartered Surveyor by training and with almost 29 years’ experience in the property industry, has joined MS Lending Group from Together, where he was Head of Specialist Lending. Prior to this, Goodall ran his own property consultancy.

Michael Stratton, who set up the firm only last January, said that having worked across many different areas of the property industry, Goodall brings with him a unique skill set as well as extensive experience and knowledge of the industry. He is also very well connected and highly regarded amongst property professionals.

Goodall is expected to focus on harnessing growth opportunities in specialist lending and work closely with brokers to further develop the business.

MS Lending Group, which covers England, Wales and Scotland, amassed a loan book of over £20million in its first year of trading and has ambitions to double this in 2022.

“MS Lending Group is an entrepreneurial business, has a vibrant environment and offers something different in the marketplace,” said Goodall.

“We have people here who understand lending and property. Its business model including the ‘No Valuation up to £500,000 on residential properties’ product and its overall speed and efficiency when dealing with clients and brokers is very difficult to replicate elsewhere.

I feel privileged to be joining [founder] Michael Stratton and the young team who have created this formidable business. I am now the old head in the office which is nice!”

Goodall hopes this experience both as a Chartered Surveyor and in the past 10 years within the financial sector will provide further growth opportunities for MS.

“Michael has planted a seed and it is now time to further grow our client and broker base,” Goodall said.

“We are not going to compete on rates with many of our competitors but our ability to make quick but thoughtful decisions and developing long-term strong broker relationships will help draw business to us.”

Goodall sees further growth in residential this year but also opportunities in commercial and on the development side.

“We have a chance as a business to look further at the commercial market and support customers. The High Street is not interested in lending on commercial property unless it is fully or 75% let. But I feel it is more about backing the individual, their experience and the exit,” he stated.

CEO & founder, Michael Stratton added:

“I am delighted to welcome Rob to the team, his experience will be invaluable as we set large growth targets for 2022.

His knowledge of the industry, as well as his reputation and ambition make him a great fit for the MS Lending Group team.

As we continue to put our customers at the forefront of every decision we make, to enable lending to be easy, fast and flexible, Rob is the perfect individual to lead this.”